A frigid start to the weekend

Good Friday, everyone. The final weekend of March is off and running on a very cold weather note across central and eastern Kentucky. The cold weather will carry us for a few more days before our active weather pattern kicks back in.

Highs today will reach the upper 30s and low 40s in most areas with the potential for a rain or snow shower. Winds will be rather gusty and that will add more of a chill to the air:

Saturday is a very cold day with lows in the upper teens and low 20s and highs not too far from 40 degrees. That’s more than 20 degrees colder than normal.

Sunday looks better with highs in the 50s with very gusty winds. Those winds are ahead of our next cold front moving in for Monday. Gusty showers are a good bet to start the new week:

EuroChilly temps will be noted for Monday with milder air coming in Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs by then will likely surge into the 60s.

Another cold front moves in for Thursday with some more showers. That paves the way for a much bigger storm system to move in for Easter Weekend:

Euro 3That could bring some big time thunderstorms and much colder air our way. We’ll keep a close eye on that setup.

Have a great day and take care.

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Big changes moving in Thursday

Good Thursday, folks. We’ve been yapping about a major change blowing into town, and Thursday is the day it happens. A strong cold front is rolling across the commonwealth and bringing a huge temperature drop to go with some showers and thunderstorms.

Old Man Winter even tries to get in behind the front. Let’s break it all down:

– Temps will start the day well into the 60s across the eastern half of the state, with a high of 70 possible.

– Those numbers crash through the 40s by late afternoon as winds continue to crank up. Gusts Thursday might reach 35 to 40 mph as the front moves in.

– The cold really settles in Thursday night and Friday with a chance of a few snowflakes. Highs on Friday will range from the mid-40s in the south and west to about 40 in the north and northeast.

– That air grows even colder by Saturday, with lows in the upper teens and low 20s. Highs will struggle into the upper 30s and low 40s.

– Sunday looks windy, with highs in the 50s again, ahead of another cold front that brings some showers and chillier air for Monday.

– The weather next week should slowly moderate, and we could see highs near 70 again by the middle of the week. That should come with a price, with showers and storms increasing shortly thereafter.

I have you all set to track the weather out there Thursday:



Make it a terrific Thursday and take care.

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Tracking a huge weather change

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a major weather change on the way to the Bluegrass State. Our spring fling is about to turn into another round of winter woes by the end of the week, and the change looks swift.

Highs Wednesday spike to about 70 degrees in many areas on a gusty southwesterly wind. That wind could stir up a shower or thunderstorm at any point. I will have your tracking tools in a bit.

Thursday is the day of real change, as a powerful cold front moves through. Check out the temperature spread showing up by the middle of the afternoon:


That is pretty amazing to see! A temperature drop of 20 to 30 degrees is likely in less than an hour as the front moves through. Widespread showers and thunderstorms will be likely, with the heaviest rains showing up across the north and west:

Euro 2

It might be cold enough for some snowflakes by late Thursday evening and Friday morning. Temps by then will be close to the freezing mark.

Another batch of light snow or flurries could zip in here later Friday as even colder air swings in. We may be in the teens by Saturday morning.

The overall pattern should slowly moderate into next week. That’s when we have to watch for a few more systems to affect our region. The rainfall numbers through next week show an increase from the map above:

Euro 3 I leave you with a healthy helping of tracking tools:

Make it a great day and take care.

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A wild temperature ride on the way

Good Tuesday to one and all. We continue to see a heck of a temperature gradient showing up from north to south across our region. This is all part of a wild temperature ride for the next several days. All of this will eventually lead to a taste of wintertime by the end of the week.

A warm front lifts to the north across the region Tuesday. This front means a few showers will be possible, with highs in the 40s across the north and 60s in the south and west.

Much warmer air moves in for Wednesday, with afternoon highs making a run at the 70-degree mark on a gusty southwesterly wind. That wind could also produce a stray shower or thunderstorm.

A very strong cold front then moves in Thursday with widespread showers and thunderstorms:


Some areas could pick up close to an inch of rain out of that mess. The temperature drop along and behind the front is fairly impressive:


The air grows even colder for Friday and Saturday, with highs from the upper 30s to the low 40s and a few snowflakes possible. Lows by Saturday morning could drop into the upper teens:

GFS TEMPS 2Highs by Sunday should rebound into the 50s as winds gust up ahead of another cold front. That should knock temps back down a few degrees by Monday.

Enjoy your day and take care.

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Spring and winter fight it out this week

Good Monday, everyone. Our last full week of March is off and running with close to normal weather. Of course, March and “normal” don’t always go together, and this week will prove that point. Spring starts the week, but winter looks to end it.

Before I get into the local part of the forecast, let’s talk about the weather for Kentucky basketball fans heading to Cleveland. Here’s a breakdown:

– Thursday starts wet and windy, with gusty showers and highs about 50. Readings drop into the 30s during the afternoon, with some snow showers and flurries by evening.

– Friday through Sunday looks cold! Lows will drop into the teens, with afternoon highs from the upper 20s to the middle 30s. Dress for winter!

Ok, let’s get into the weather in the Bluegrass State.

A warm front will lift northward across the region Tuesday with the chance of a shower or two. Temps will be pretty low for areas getting in on clouds and showers, with much milder air across the southern and western parts of the state.

Highs by Wednesday look to hit 70 or better for many areas:


That mild air is ahead of a strong cold front that surges Thursday. Widespread showers and some rumbles of thunder will be a good bet:

Euro 4

Much colder air comes in during the afternoon and evening, and that cold continues to push in for Friday. That’s when we watch a piece of energy sliding across the southern end of the jet stream dip:

Euro 5

That could produce a swath of light snow and flurries across our region and into the Carolinas. We need to keep an eye on that setup, because it can produce a little bigger storm system.

The air behind that is even colder for Saturday, as highs may struggle to get out of the 30s:


Make it a great Monday and take care.

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A busy week ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. Our first weekend of Spring has been nothing short of spectacular with mild temps and sun-filled skies. This nice weather is about to take a backseat to a much more active weather pattern for the week ahead. It’s a pattern with a little spring and a little winter.

Highs today will be a bit cooler than what we had on Saturday. The north may stay in the 50s with 60s again in the south and west.

A weak front will be draped across Kentucky over the next few days and that should mean some pretty big temperature swings. Check out the numbers coming from the European Model:


I can’t rule out a shower or thunderstorm across parts of the region, especially on Tuesday.

As you can see, temps by Wednesday really take off with readings nearing 70 degrees. A gusty southwesterly wind will be noted as we get ready for the arrival of a stronger cold front on Thursday:


Showers and thunderstorms will be possible along this front as much colder air comes in behind it. It may get cold enough for some late week snowflakes across Kentucky.

The overall busy weather pattern looks to carry us through much of Spring. Check out the rainfall numbers on the CFS through early May:


Thunderstorms will eventually enter the picture and we should get into a rather robust severe weather season. It looks to arrive later than normal, but it could throw us some decent events this spring.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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Spring has arrived

Good Saturday to one and all. It’s the first full day of spring and it looks like Mother Nature will play along with it. Things are looking great out there today, but some big weather changes are lurking for next week.

High temps on this Saturday will hit the low and middle 60s for much of central and eastern Kentucky. Skies will gradually become partly sunny as a breeze kicks up during the afternoon and evening.

A weak front slides in from the north on Sunday and will knock temps down a few degrees. We may end up seeing quite the temperature gradient with low 50s in the north and low 60s in the south. Skies continue to be on the dry side.

Monday finds the week starting with temps in the low 50s as a warm front gets set to lift northward across the region. That happens Tuesday and could produce a shower or thunderstorm.

Highs by Wednesday may approach 70 ahead of a strong cold front. That front arrives Thursday with rounds of showers and thunderstorms on the increase:

EuroThe air coming in behind that front is MUCH colder and could be cold enough for a few late week snowflakes.

It’s an overall colder pattern showing up for the final days of March as the jet stream takes a big dip across the east…

Euro 2All the more reason to enjoy the weather we have out there today.

Make it a good one and take care.

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Better weather for the weekend

Good Friday, folks. We’ve had some nasty weather over the past few days, but things are looking up as we roll into the weekend. Much better weather looks to be in store for the region as skies clean up and temps rise.

Before that, though, we have a rather nasty day out there Friday. Highs will range from the upper 40s to low 50s with a few early-day showers. Some afternoon clearing will be possible in the north and west.

Track the day:

Sunny skies will then sweep into town for Saturday as thermometers spike into the 60s:

Euro 5

A weak cold front drops into the region and puts the brakes on by Sunday. That means a big temperature difference from north to south will be possible. Here’s a look at the temperature forecast from the European Model:

Euro 6

Another spike in temperatures will be likely by the first part of next week. Highs could again push the 70-degree mark by Wednesday. In true March fashion, that won’t stick around very long as a strong cold front moves in by Thursday. That will knock temps back into the chilly side of the temperature range.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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Tracking chilly showers

Good Thursday. Those nasty chilly showers will be with us through the day. On days like these, I’d rather it snow and stick than deal with the chilly rain. Rain is likely to remain in the area through Friday.

At no point Thursday do I expect the showers to completely cover the commonwealth, as they did last week. There will be a few breaks between some of the rounds of rain.


The GFS and the EURO have a very similar look over the next couple of days. Both show the rain pushing out of here by Friday night.


Highs will recover briefly on Saturday. It’s the only taste of spring I see in the near future. Unfortunately, it will not last long at all. Another cool shot will arrive Sunday.

As always, here are your tracking tools.

Stay dry and take care.

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Wet and cooler through the end of the week

The cooler trend with temperatures continues Wednesday. We’ll be tracking more clouds by the end of the day, and eventually precipitation will fall from those clouds. That most likely happens overnight and Thursday.

The chill will be very real Tuesday. Highs in most locations will be stuck in the upper 40s.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.28.11 AM

Not only will we get much wetter, but a few flakes of snow will be possible early Thursday morning. These flakes shouldn’t cause a big deal at all. As a matter of fact the main concern will be the likelihood of rain. We’ll have those through the day Thursday and again Friday. It will most likely be a very cold rain. I don’t think highs will even make it out of the mid-40s.

If you want some accumulation of snow, this isn’t the event for you. However, it is a pretty wet system.


Even these rainfall totals aren’t really that impressive. Just the constant presence of light and occasionally moderate showers through the area. These will wrap up Friday night.

I think there is a good possibility that we’ll track several more cold shots. The end of the month and into April really have a lot of potential for cold.

Take care.

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