A Big Weather Hello

Good Saturday everyone and thanks for checking out a brand new addition to kentucky.com. Many of you are familiar with me and my years of forecasting Kentucky weather. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I wanted to say hello and give you and idea on what to expect.

If you are thinking the face at the top of the blog looks familiar, you probably saw that ugly mug on your television screens at some point during my years at WKYT-TV in Lexington.  I spent more than 10 years there before moving on to my new tv home, WSAZ-TV in Huntington, WV. Don’t worry… I am still a good ole Kentucky boy who loves forecasting Kentucky weather.

In addition to my tv work, I also run a fun and successful weather site kyweathercenter.com . That’s one of the reasons I am now doing a blog here on kentucky.com. This means I will be a busy weatherdude in keeping up with my tv job, my regular weather site and this new blog. Lucky for me, my passion is weather and I love sharing my thoughts and information with you guys. Just go easy on me if the forecast doesn’t go as planned sometimes. 😉

Here is some of what you can expect from me and this blog…

– A daily forecast and discussion about the local weather. This will be complete with maps and tracking tools.

– I give you a behind the scenes look into what computer forecast models are showing and how they can change from run to run and model to model.

– Rapid updates during severe weather events or impending severe weather.

– I LOVE winter and  will talk a ton about snow and cold. I will put out snowfall forecast maps and will often do it days before any other source will even touch it. I will also be sharing my thoughts about the upcoming winter and issue a winter forecast. If you are a fan of winter… this is the place to be!

– I will never be outworked in trying to get the forecast right and getting severe weather information to you.

– It’s not all serious stuff on the blog as I like to have some fun with posts when the weather allows for it.

That is just a taste as to what you can expect from this weather blog as we go forward. I hope you guys will join me in making this a nice little weather community by joining in the discussion. Leave me some comments about the weather where you live or what you think may be coming our way. That is the one thing I am most proud of on my Kentucky Weather Center site as it has become a true weather family. I hope we can do the same here.

That’s all I have to start things out. I will actually talk about some weather with my next update later today. Have a great Saturday and take care.

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