Your Week Ahead Forecast

Good Sunday everyone. Here’s hoping this finds each of you wrapping up a great weekend. The weather has been on the chilly side of things and that trend should continue out there today. What about the weather week ahead of us?

Let the 5 Day Forecast break the news…

That looks a lot better than where we’ve been over the past few days. Today will be a very nice one to get out and rake some leaves. Highs will hit the 50s after a cold start to those thermometers.

Halloween will find a weak system working our way from the northwest. This does not have a whole lot of moisture to work with, but should touch off some scattered showers. You can see those showing up on the GFS Model…

High temps for Monday will be tricky because of the scattered nature of the showers. Readings will hit the upper 40s and low 50s for those getting in on the rain and mid 50s for anyone with dry weather.

I am hopeful these showers will be winding down in time for trick or treating… but it may be close for some areas.

Tuesday and Wednesday look good with high temps heading toward 60 under partly sunny skies.

Our next weather maker should arrive as we work into Thursday and Friday. This will be our next threat for some rain and something we will be talking more about in the coming days.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care.

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