Rainfall Record May Fall This Week

Good Tuesday everyone. Time is running out on Lexington’s pursuit of the rainiest year on record. We have been in a holding pattern in the number two spot for several weeks and only need 1.33″ of rain to knock 1935 out of the top spot. The weather this week will attempt to break the record┬ámore than a week before 2011 comes to a close.

A series of storms will impact the state through Friday and will likely dump 1″-2″ of water over much of the state. Take a look at the NAM rainfall forecast through early Friday:

The record watch is officially on this week!

Here’s the rest of the 5 Day Forecast:

– Light rains will be scattered about the region today as temps head into the mid 50s.

– Low pressure works across the Ohio Valley tonight and Wednesday with a nice burst of rain and wind. There could even be some rumbles of thunder. Highs will again spike well into the 50s Wednesday.

– Another low pressure moves in from the southwest on Thursday. Heavy rain will be likely from this fast moving system. This rain will be a chilly one with temps in the 40s.

– Christmas Weekend has the potential to bring two more systems into the state. We will have colder air to work with and that means a mix or some snow will be possible. I will fine tune that forecast over the next few days.

The updated White Christmas Meter comes your way later today, so check back. Have a great Tuesday and take care.

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