Warm January Nowhere Near A Record

Good evening everyone. This January has been a mild and fairly snow-less month across Kentucky. Winter lovers have turned into haters of the type of weather we have been getting over the past few months.

How does this January stack up against some of the warmest on record? It doesn’t.

Lexington’s average January temp is right at 36.6 degrees.  That’s a long way from cracking the top ten warmest on record.

43.9 1890
43.7 1950
42.7 1932
42.5 1933
42.2 2006
41.7 1937
41.6 1990,13
41.2 1949
40.9 1876
40.7 1998, 1974

When you look at it from a historical performance… it doesn’t seem all that warm, does it?

My suspicion is for February to try to balance out the force and give us some cold and snow. As always… time will tell.

Have a great evening and take care.

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