A Windy End To The Weekend

Good Sunday everyone.  Our weekend weather is ending with another weak system crossing the Ohio Valley. This will cause our winds to kick up again today and may even provide a few flurries across the north and east. We do have some changes ahead of us as we get ready to say hello to February. Wow… February?

The weak cold front crosses the state later this afternoon and will be fairly harmless. Most of the impact of this will stay well to our north, but some of those snowflakes may creep a little to the south of the Ohio River. You can track that action on regional radar…

Temps into the first part of the new week should begin to take off and be near 50 again through Wednesday. That’s when some showers will begin to work back in from the southwest. That is ahead of a different looking pattern taking shape by the end of the week and into next weekend.

The models spike a big ridge of high pressure up the west coast. That forces the jet stream to take a dip into the eastern half of the country. Here’s a map showing what i’m talking about…

That’s a pattern to normally causes a big storm to form across the eastern half of the country. If that is the case, it could give us our best shot at snow since last winter. Could being the key word with that. It is on my radar and is something I will be watching for as we roll our way into the brand new week.

Have a wonderful Sunday and take care.

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