Next Round Of Storms Brewing

Good Wednesday evening everyone. We are wrapping up a devastating severe weather day across Kentucky. The current tornado report is up to 5 and that may grow as the NWS gets out and surveys the damage.

The good news is the storms are winding down across southeastern Kentucky this evening. That will leave us with a very nice and calm night and that calm weather carries us into Thursday.

We are going to try to do it all over again on Friday as another severe weather outbreak looms. This looks to be a very similar plains storm system that will spawn severe thunderstorms around here. The Storm Prediction Center is already sounding the alert on the Friday threat…

The setup for Friday has an ugly look to it because we will throw a big clash of the air masses into the mix. There is a lot of cold air coming in behind this outbreak and it may even snow late this weekend.

Have you guys seen this, yet?


 Hmmm… I can’t wait to watch 27 Newsfirst at 11 to find out.

Have a great evening and take care.

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