Major Severe Weather Outbreak Likely Today

Good Friday everyone and welcome to another wild weather day across Kentucky. The atmosphere is primed to unleash severe thunderstorms around here in what is likely to be a major outbreak.

Let’s make no mistake about it… today is a day to really stayed glued to the weather. Damaging winds, large hail and violent tornadoes are all possible across the entire state and region.

Scattered storms will develop early today and these may become severe. The atmosphere will then quickly become very unstable this afternoon and that’s when lines of thunderstorms will develop. These storms will likely have a lot of “spin” upstairs to work with and this means tornadoes will become possible. These tornadoes have the possibility to stay on the ground for a long time.

I will be updating the blog as the system develops, so be sure to check back as watches are issued. Your storm tracking tools:

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Latest Day 1 convective outlook

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Current Watches

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Don’t forget to follow me on twitter as I will be sending out a ton of updates today. Have a great Friday and take care.

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