The Heat Is Tough To Beat

Good Sunday everyone.  This is a short and to the point update as we round out the weekend.  Let’s break it down in headline style.

-Today is a hot one.  Temps will warm into the lower 90s under mostly sunny skies.

-The dry ground is obviously having an impact on our temps.  Low humidity levels mean our temps are skewing warmer for afternoon highs. Think of a desert climate.

-A cold front works in on Monday with scattered showers and storms.  These look few and far between.

-Cooler air moves in behind the cold front into early next week.

-Things will heat up by the end of the week as temps go toward the low 90s again.

-We need rain!!!!  As I mentioned, the parched ground is now impacting the overall temps.  That’s one surefire way to know things are borderline getting out of control.

Tropical Storm Debby is in the Gulf of Mexico and looks to head toward Texas.  It doesn’t appear the SE will get any moisture from the storm.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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