A Triple Digit Heat Wave

Good Thursday everyone and welcome to day one of a massive heat wave for Kentucky. This is likely to become one of the all time great heat waves to impact much of the bluegrass state as we have several days that could feature 100 degrees. That’s something that isn’t too common around here.

Take a look at just how rare it is to hit triple digits in Lexington:

– The last 100 degree day was back in August of 2007.

– The last 100 degree day in June was from the torrid summer of 1988. That year also featured one of the worst droughts to ever strike this area.

– We have only had 9 June days on record that featured 100 degrees.

– Since 1888, only 61 days total have ever hit 100 degrees in Lexington. 21 of those were from the dust bowl year of 1936.

As you can clearly see… 100 degrees around here is rare and even more rare for so early in the summer.

Readings today will be in the upper 90s to around 100 under sunny skies. 100 degree heat will be likely across the region on Friday and Saturday and maybe into Sunday. The air will be very dry so we aren’t really worried about a heat index. This will basically be a blast of air straight out of your oven.

Current Temps

There is the small threat for a scattered shower or storm over the upcoming weekend. Much of this action should stay to the north of the Ohio River, but it is possible to get a few boomers in here. Keep your fingers crossed.

The call for your 4th of July week is for the high heat to continue with only a small threat for a few storms.

Stay cool and have a great Thursday. Take care.

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