More Storms Ready To Fire Up

Good Monday everyone. Our historic heat wave is showing signs of slowing down some as thunderstorms bring us some relief. The past 4 days are among the hottest every recorded in Lexington and across the entire state. Some relief blew into town last night in the form of showers and thunderstorms.

The relief came with a price as high winds knocked down trees and put many areas in the dark. More in the way of scattered thunderstorms will flare up today and for the next several days and this will help our temps to come down some. There is really only one way the thermometer can go from this point and that is down.

Highs over the past 4 days for Lexington:

Thursday: 102

Friday: 102

Saturday: 103

Sunday: 103

Only 1936 featured a hotter stretch of weather in Lexington. Think about that for a moment. Records have been regularly kept here since 1888 and you just lived through the second hottest stretch on record. Wow!!

Temps over the next several days will continue to run hot with readings in the 90s. It is still possible for some areas to squeeze out another 100 degree day. But, the increase in clouds and thunderstorm action will make it more difficult.

We need the rain and the scattered action this week will certainly help. These storms will likely feature more in the way of severe weather, so it comes with a price.

Here’s your Monday edition of weather trackers:

Current Temperatures

Today’s Highs

I will have updates as needed. Enjoy your Monday and take care.

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