Severe Storms Possible Today

Good Sunday everyone. The record heat wave comes to a crashing end today as strong and severe thunderstorms blow across the bluegrass state. This action will also bring much needed rain to the region over the next couple of days as the heat heads west.

Saturday gave us the hottest day of this historic heat wave as the thermometer in Lexington hit 105 degrees. Only 1936 has given us a higher temperature than what we had Saturday. Calling this heat wave historic just doesn’t do it justice.

Temps today will spike back into the 90s early today and may flirt with 100 across the south. Scattered thunderstorms will go up this morning and then become widespread by late afternoon into the evening. This happens as a cold front drops in from the northwest. The setup is there today into tonight for severe thunderstorms to develop across most of the state. Damaging winds and large hail look to be the main players. Torrential rains will also accompany the storms and this could lead to local flooding problems into early Monday.

Scattered showers and storms should continue into Monday as the front hangs up just to our south. MUCH needed rain will likely fall on most of the parches bluegrass state over the next few days. Some areas may see more rain during this time than they’ve had over the past month.

Temps will fall into the 80s for highs for most of the upcoming week ahead.

Let’s get you all set to track today’s edition of wild weather:


Possible Watches

Current Temperatures

Today’s Highs

I will have updates as needed and will send out watch and warning information via twitter. Sign up and follow me: @kentuckyweather . Have a great Sunday and take care.

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