An Impressive Few Weeks Of Rain

Good Saturday everyone and welcome to a fairly nice weekend in the bluegrass state. Things are beginning to green up in a big time way after beneficial rains over the past few weeks. The good news is more appears to be on the way as we roll into next week.

We entered July with a deepening drought across central and eastern Kentucky. We had one of the all time driest Junes and things were looking rather bleak. Then the storm train fired up. The past two weeks have taken us to being on the threshold of coming out of this drought.

Take a look at how much above normal the past 7 days worth of rain was:

The above normal numbers are even greater when we look back at the past two weeks:

Some areas are running more than 8″ above normal for this two week period. Talk about a wild turnaround! Can we continue to dig ourselves out of the rain hole?

Drier air is working in here today with temps generally in the 80s for highs. A storm or two is likely to fire up across southern and eastern parts of the state.

The heat and humidity returns by Sunday as temps make a run toward 90. The juicy air means a popcorn storm will be possible.  That same heat and humidity will continue through next week as showers and storms increase. The pattern into next week looks similar to what happened around here this past week.

Rounds of storms will become likely by mid week and some of these may be severe with torrential rains. Sound familiar?

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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