Tracking A Chilly Change

Good Thursday everyone. Our weekend is getting closer and closer and the chill of an early fall is getting closer. I am tracking several shots of very chilly air coming our way over the next few weeks. Can one of these cold shots deliver a kiss of frost? Hmmm .

If you like warm temps, enjoy the weather we have out there today. Temps will hit the low 80s under partly sunny skies. That may be the end of the 80s for a while.

A cold front swings into the state on Friday and will bring an increase in clouds and the threat for a scattered shower or thunderstorm. There isn’t much moisture associated with this front so many areas may not see much at all. The temps behind the front will drop quickly and, depending on the timing, thermometers may be fairly cool by Friday afternoon.

The GFS temp forecast drives this point home:

Temps this weekend will remain in the low and mid 70s for highs. What about the chances for rain? Saturday looks pretty good with partly sunny skies, but Sunday will feature a couple of scattered showers and storms going up as southerm moisture increases.

Showers and rumbles of thunder may be common for Monday and Tuesday as we await a big push of chilly air for the middle of the week. Check out this push of chill on the European Model:

That pattern is likely to deliver 60s for highs by Wednesday and our lows may head toward 40 of a bit below. This is the pattern i’ve been harping on for the past few weeks and there are more chilly shots behind the one scheduled for next week.

The Brrrr factor has returnd to our weather picture. Have a great Thursday and take care.

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