A Busy First Week Of October Coming Up

Good Sunday everyone. We have a wild looking start to the month of October as our busy pattern continues. This has been the trend around here for the past month and change and Mother Nature may try to take on another extreme look.

Today will be another very nice day as we say goodbye to September. Temps will hit the upper 60s and low 70s with more sunshine. Clouds will begin to filter in from south to north as the day draws to a close.

Those clouds are ahead of a very wet storm system gathering strength across the south. This bad boy will roll northward toward Kentucky on Monday and then roll across the state into Tuesday. Here’s how it looks to play out:

That setup means showers and thunderstorms will increase around here on Monday and the rain may be heavy at times. Occasional rain will then continue into Tuesday and some areas will likely pick up an inch or two of water during this time.

Temps will be on the cool side of things with this big low right on top of us through Wednesday. Readings warm on a gusty southwesterly wind on Thursday as we await the arrival of another major cold snap. This arrives in here to start the upcoming weekend and may be accompanied by some very chilly showers. Some models are even suggesting something else may fall from the skies across the Ohio Valley.

Once the cold air gets in… it’s going to hang around into much of the following week. Our blocking pattern is back in business:

The map you see above is a very cold one for much of the country and may deliver freezing temps to Kentucky. We had a super early season frost last week and we may see an early season freeze.

Told ya it looks kinda wild. Have a great Sunday and take care.

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