Soak up the warmth

Good Monday everyone. We are into the final full week of October, and Mother Nature is going to throw a prolonged stretch of warm weather our way. If you’re a fan of the 70s, this is the week for you. I suggest you take full advantage of it, because some significant changes are about to take place.

Highs today will warm into the middle and upper 70s under partly sunny skies. This is a rubber-stamp forecast: I am using it again for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t think the complaint department will be very busy because of it.

A strong cold front is poised to heard our way by late Friday into Saturday. This front will be slow-moving and have a serious blast of chilly air coming in behind it. The jet stream is going to take a big dip across the eastern half of the country, and that probably means a big storm forming somewhere. The possibility of a tropical system developing off the southeast coast means some of the models are taking things to the extreme. The European Model is one of them:

What that model is showing would be almost unheard of with a hurricane being entrained into a winter storm. Still, it’s not alone in suggesting something like that. Even if there is only a bit of truth to that model forecast, it would give parts of the Ohio Valley the threat of the first taste of winter.

If we take away the tropical system on the models, the pattern resembles one that many trick-or-treaters might remember:

Halloween 1993 was white for much of Kentucky. I am NOT saying we are getting a repeat of that, but the pattern is one for us to keep an eye on.

Have a magnificent Monday and take care.

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