A Wild Weather Pattern Ahead

Good Saturday everyone and welcome to a cold and damp weekend. This is all kicking off a very wild pattern across the eastern half of the country. Hurricane Sandy will combine forces with a surge of cold air to produce an unprecedented storm across the east. This system looks to have an impact on our weather next week.

The short term weather features scattered showers today with the greatest concentration across the east. Temps are going to struggle to get out of the upper 40s as winds gust up. Here’s regional radar to track the showers:

Showers will continue across the eastern half of the state on Sunday as chilly temps stay in the 40s for highs.

As cold air continues to work into the region, some wet snow may mix with the rain across the high mountains of eastern Kentucky.

Hurricane Sandy will be approaching the mid Atlantic coast by Monday. This is going to be a devastating storm from Virginia northeastward to New England. The models are coming together on this storm working due westward upon landfall and making it all the way into the eastern Ohio Valley.

A track like that would bring rain and snow into central and eastern Kentucky Tuesday and Wednesday. Check out how similar the models are:



Those models show a setup as wild as you can possibly get… A hurricane with a snowstorm on the backside of it. The GFS snowfall forecast:

That is a crushing storm for much of West Virginia and brings the possibility of a slushy snowfall to parts of central and eastern Kentucky.

Let me be clear that I am not endorsing these model runs as we still have a ways to go. It’s all about the track of the storm… before and after landfall. The farther south and west it comes, the better the chance we get a taste of winter weather next week.

I’m much more convinced of the cold temps and gusty winds than the snow part of it. Winds may approach 40mph Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will have another update later today. Enjoy your Saturday and take care.

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