Saturday Afternoon Thoughts

Good Saturday afternoon everyone. Hurricane Sandy continues churning toward history. This storm will be merging with some very cold air and will result in possible blockbuster snows across parts of the Appalachian Mountains from Monday through Halloween.

The latest runs of the NAM and GFS are in pretty good agreement with one another. Both bring Sandy ashore near the Jersey coast and then work it toward the west and even southwest for a time. That throws moisture deeper into the bluegrass state and would bring rain and wet snow well to the west of Interstate 75.

Both runs also show a heavy, wet snowstorm for much of eastern Kentucky, southern Ohio, West Virginia and southwest Virginia. The numbers from the NAM are staggering…

The GFS Snowfall numbers aren’t too much different…

If those models are correct.. and it’s still a big if… then we are talking about a historic event for these areas. Power issues would most certainly be a major issue. In addition to the snow threat… both models show winds topping 40mph.

It’s all about where Sandy comes ashore and where it goes after that point. We are still a few days away from this event unfolding and that is an eternity in weather. A lot can change over the next few days. If the storm takes a more northerly track, the snow threat would be greatly diminished across eastern Kentucky.

I will update as needed. Have a great rest of your day and take care.

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