Tracking Some Wild Weather

Good Sunday everyone and thanks for dropping by the blog. The weather pattern across the eastern half of the country is about as wild as it can possibly get. We have Hurricane Sandy rolling toward the Mid Atlantic coast and ready to transform into a nor’easter after coming ashore. This is something we have never witnessed before and it’s looking more and more like this storm will impact our weather.

We have some busy weather across parts of the area before Sandy even enters the picture. It’s another day of chilly temps and scattered showers across central and eastern Kentucky. Highs today will range from the middle 40s in the east to upper 40s in the Lexington metro.

The rain will be more concentrated across the eastern half of the state. Regional radar has your tracking needs covered:

The rain across eastern Kentucky tonight is likely to mix with a little bit of wet snow in the high mountains. The NAM shows the areas most likely to pick up on the first flakes:

Monday is when things really to take a turn toward the historic side. Sandy will be approaching the New Jersey coastline during the afternoon and will then push west and southwest from there. This will be a devastating storm to much of the Mid Atlantic and northeast.

As Sandy transforms from a hurricane into a nor’easter, we will start to feel the impact around here. Check out the track of the storm from the NAM:

A swath of rain and snow will work from northeast to southwest across central and eastern Kentucky. The potential is there for parts of eastern and southeastern Kentucky to pick up several inches of heavy, wet snow. The NAM is going wild with snow amounts in some areas:

If those snow totals are realized in the mountains, there will some serious power issues. Farther west into central Kentucky, it looks to be more of a rain/snow mix that melts on contact. All of this is subject to change depending on exactly where Sandy crashes ashore.

To make matter worse… winds may gust to 40mph at times from late Monday through Halloween.

I will have additional updates later today. Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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