Tracking A Big Weather Change

Good Sunday to one and all. Our awesome weather weekend is about to wrap up and you really need to get outside today and have some fun. A big time temp change is on the way for Monday and it will be accompanied by some nasty conditions.

Thermometers today will head toward 70 degrees as we hang on to mostly sunny skies. You will notice an increase in clouds on the western horizon as the day draws to a close. That is ahead of a strong cold front working in from the west. A line of showers and thunderstorms will be approaching the Mississippi River during the evening. I have you all set to track the warm temps and the approaching rain:

That line of showers and storms will weaken some as it crosses the state on Monday, but will still bring plenty of rain in here. Check out the NAM:

You can see the cold air catching the back edge of the shower shield and that could lead to a snowflake mixing in with the showers late in the day. That’s especially true across the eastern part of the state.

The temp plunge will be nothing short of awesome. Check out the forecast temps from the NAM:

That’s a temp drop of 30 degrees for some areas in just a few hours time. Moral of the story is to not be fooled by the temps you wake up with Monday.

The chilly temps will hang tough into Tuesday and Wednesday as our lows threaten to hit the upper teens. A seasonal chill continues to be in store for the remainder of the week.

I’m watching Thanksgiving week as it has the potential to produce a couple of storm systems across the eastern half of the country.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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