A look at our current cold snap

Good Thursday and welcome to another below normal temperature day here in the bluegrass state. That has become the norm of late and the chilly air shows no real signs of getting out of here anytime soon.

This cold snap has been impressive here in Lexington. 18 of the past 20 days have been colder than normal with the thermometer averaging around 6 degrees below normal during this stretch. The only warm days came this past weekend when readings hit 70 degrees.

That was a small island of warm in a sea of cold and the sea continues to grow. I don’t see any above normal days in our future, but we may get close to normal at some point next week.

Highs today will make it back into the upper 40s with a mix of sun and clouds. Temps will then come up a few degrees as we head into the weekend:

Low 50s should be common and that’s still just below the normal threshold for highs right now. Throw in morning lows in the upper 20s and low 30s and you get days that average out below normal.

At least the weather will be dry though Sunday. The same can’t be said as we get closer to the big Thanksgiving travel period next week. The storm along the east coast may stay away from us, but that will allow a weak system to work in from the west. The European Model shows a few showers moving through:

Those showers look to move away by Thanksgiving with a change toward wintry lurking as we get past the holiday weekend.

Have a great Thursday and take care.

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