A good-looking weekend begins

Good Friday to one and all. The cold pattern we’ve been in for the past three weeks is slowly beginning to moderate. That means our temps will head closer to normal in time for the weekend and maybe a bit above normal for Thanksgiving week.

Temps today through Sunday will be very similar. Morning lows will reach the upper 20s and low 30s, with afternoon highs warming into the 50s. Our skies will feature a mix of sun and clouds.

This leads us into the busy travel period known as the Thanksgiving holiday. There is a weak system that will move in here Tuesday and Wednesday, and it should spark a scattered shower or two. Temps will come down a few degrees from where we start the week.

Once that little system rolls through, the weather for Thanksgiving Day looks pretty darn nice. Temps will make a run toward 60 degrees with some sunshine. The numbers from the GFS :

The pattern continues to progress toward a more wintry look during the week after Thanksgiving, and it might mean business in early December.

The long-range models toward the end of the month show what I’m talking about. Check out this upper air map from the GFS for the entire Northern Hemisphere. I’ve circled in red the areas of blocking and circled in white to show how the polar vortex splits…

The two blocks you see forming look similar to the ones that lead to our current cold snap. If you can get those two to meet over the pole, look out below. The splitting of the vortex suggests there will be some bitterly cold air dumping into Canada as we roll toward early December. We will see if we can tap some of it here in the states, but the amount of blocking this fall suggests we can.

Have a wonderful Friday and take care.

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