Showers crash the mild weather party

Good Sunday everyone and thanks for dropping by the blog. December is off to a very mild with highs in the 60s continuing for a few more days. Our mild party is about to get crashed by a rainy visitor as showers move in today.

Clouds will continue to thicken up early today as our temps warm quickly into the low 60s. Showers will become more numerous from west to east as the day wears on. It could get rather soggy for a few areas by this evening. To top it all off… a rumble of thunder is possible. Track the non-December weather on regional radar:

These showers may stay around into early Monday as our highs stay in the 60s. This leads us into a much better chance for rain coming in on Tuesday as a strong cold front swings through here.

This front will slip into the state during the afternoon and evening and will produce a solid swath of showers. Another rumble of thunder will be possible just ahead of the front and winds will really gust up. You can see this front well on the GFS:

Temps ahead of this front will be in the 60s and then drop quickly behind it. Readings for Wednesday will stay in the 40s.

Another system rolls in on Friday with a good shot of rain to kick off next weekend. That will be the first of a few storm systems to impact our weather next weekend into early the following week. That’s when cold air from Canada invades much of the country. Check out the impressive dip in the jet stream from the European Ensembles:

A pattern like that should be getting the attention of cold and snow lovers as it is loaded with possibilities.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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