A very active pattern setting up

Good Thursday, folks. We’re enjoying a nice stretch of weather across Central and Eastern Kentucky. Sunny skies will take us through the rest of the week as our temps rise just a bit. Enjoy it; we have a very active weather pattern taking shape from this weekend through next week.

Temperatures today will start in the 20s and rise into the middle 40s by the afternoon. Friday will be a few degrees warmer, with highs in the upper 40s and some high clouds filtering in. Those high clouds are ahead of our first weather maker. That’s an area of low pressure that rolls through on Saturday with scattered showers. The showers look to continue into Sunday as temps come down a bit.

All eyes continue to be focused on the wintry potential for next week. The European Model is leading the charge with how things play out. It was the first to pick up on next week’s potential, and the last two runs of the model look nearly identical. Check out the latest run:

It shows a series of lows this weekend into Monday, with the main storm working just to our south before cranking up across the Carolinas by Tuesday night and Wednesday. That’s usually a good track for wintry weather around here. Now, watch this storm blow up and slow down along the east coast:

That’s an extreme setup as the storm cuts off. That’s also a solution that the pattern says is likely to happen. You simply cannot get that much blocking across eastern Canada and Greenland without a storm cutting off. Those maps bring some very cold air and frequent snow squalls and showers our way after any possible storm impact.

So, will that storm really affect our weather? I can’t say for sure at this point, but we are in the game. The upper levels are filled with disturbances this weekend into early next week, and the models have to figure out which one of these disturbances will produce storms.

This is one to watch and that’s exactly what we will be doing on the blog. Make it a great Thursday and take care.

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