Sunday evening thoughts

Good evening everyone. I continue to keep a close eye on a developing winter storm that will have a major impact on the weather across Kentucky and the Ohio Valley Christmas night through Thursday. Snow, rain and wind will combine to make for a nasty trip home from over the river and through the woods.

We’re still a few days away from the main impact of this storm and a lot can still change. Given the fact that this is a busy travel period, I’m putting out a super early breakdown map. Here’s a first blush look at how this thing may play out…

SpecialA part of western Kentucky is likely to be upgraded to Alert later tonight or Monday. Some random thoughts…

– Our low will develop across the western Gulf and ride into south central Kentucky Christmas night. Rain will break out across central and eastern Kentucky by late Christmas Day.

– That low will put the brakes on and take a hard right toward West Virginia. EXACTLY how far north and west that low is when it takes the turn will be the key on who gets what.

– Western Kentucky should be mainly snow and that’s the area that can pick up more than 4″ of heavy snow.

– Cold air will be directly to the west and northwest of the surface low. That will mean a quick change to snow as it passes through. Snow showers and squalls will then kick in by Wednesday evening into Thursday morning for the central and east.

– Everyone will see snow out of this storm… but amounts will vary greatly from west to east. I won’t be able to put exact numbers on things until we see where that low makes the turn eastward.

– Winds are going to be a big player and gusts may hit 40mph at times.

There will be no rest in forecasting as the next storm will work in here by Late Friday into the weekend.

I will have a big update coming your way later tonight. That one will break things down in greater detail. Have a great evening and take care.

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