Keeping an eye on a possible winter storm

Good Sunday everyone. We’re inching closer and closer to Christmas Day and our weather pattern remains a very active one. I’m keeping a close eye on a developing winter storm that will impact our weather as early as Christmas Night.

Before we get to that storm, we do have a weaker system rolling in later today. Clouds will slowly increase with temps warming into the low 40s. A late day shower will be likely and those showers will ramp up late tonight into Monday.

The chilly showers may end with a snowflake or two mixing in by Christmas Eve.

This is when we the developing winter storm begins to impact the weather across Kentucky. Clouds will increase quickly Christmas Day as low pressure works from the western gulf into the Tennessee Valley by Wednesday morning. Some of the models take this low into eastern Kentucky before transferring energy to a new low to our east.

This complicated scenario is shown well by the GFS Ensemble mean:

That would put a swath of heavy snow to on the western side of the track of that system. Where that heavy snow falls depends on EXACTLY where that low tracks and that won’t be known for another day or so.

Here’s the risk area as it stands now:


This is a storm for us to keep close tabs on as it is likely to bring some nasty conditions to the state Christmas Night into Wednesday. Will that include heavy snow where you live? Only time will tell.

Have a great Sunday and check back for updates. Take care.



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