Extreme temp swings on the way

Good Monday, everyone and thanks for checking out the blog. Our week is starting off on a cold note today, but we have some wild swings in the thermometer coming up. I’m tracking everything from near record highs to an arctic outbreak over the next few weeks.

Today dawns with readings in the upper teens and low 20s. Afternoon sunshine will boost temps into the middle and upper 30s.

Milder air slowly filters in for Tuesday and Wednesday with highs warming well into the 40s. Some clouds will work in by Wednesday as a slow moving storm system heads our way.

That storm will bring showers in here Wednesday night into Thursday as our temps continue to climb. High temps for Thursday may push 60 degrees.

Friday and Saturday are shaping up to be super warm. Highs should head well into the 60s and we have a shot at flirting with record highs. Southwesterly winds will increase and some clouds will filter in by Saturday. Those clouds are ahead of a strong cold front that plows in here late this weekend and early next week. We could see a 40-50 degree temperature swing from one side of this front to the other.

Once the cold gets in.. it’s game on from there. Check out the deep freeze look on the GFS 850 temp departure map for the middle of the next week…


Notice how the east coast remains a bit milder than normal as the plains sink into the icebox. That setup would imply a couple of storm systems rolling up the eastern slopes of the Appalachian mountains. Those would, obviously, be snow producers for us.

This would be the tip of the iceberg with the extreme winter setup moving in for the second half of the month into February.

Have a great start to the new week and take care.

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