Big weekend changes ahead

Good Friday to one and all. The weekend is starting out on a March note and will end with winter surging back into town. That means a wild temperature ride to come, and it will probably lead to some snow and ice early next week.

Temps today will rise into the mid-60s for much of the state. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be common early in the day. You can track those with regional radar:

A strong cold front will march our way by Saturday night and early Sunday. This will lead to another round of showers and storms, with heavy rainfall a good bet. Highs Saturday will riseinto the mid and upper 60s as southwesterly winds increase.

That front will then sweep through the area on Sunday and this will bring a temperature drop of more than 30 degrees. Look at the temp spread showing up on Sunday afternoon:

Now that is what a cold front looks like. Rain is likely to end as a period of a mix or light snow by Sunday night and Monday morning.

That front then slows down just to our east as another low develops along it. That might bring a swath of  wintry weather across much of the state Monday night or Tuesday.

That’s something I will keep you updated on throughout the weekend. Make it a great Friday and take care.

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