Wintry mix moving in

Good afternoon, everyone. We have a nasty storm system pushing into the state this afternoon, and it will bring a round of ice, mix and heavy rain to much of the state. I’m becoming more and more concerned that many areas will receive a moderate period of freezing rain. This could lead to a notable ice event for some areas.

The soundings strongly suggest freezing rain, but they are close to showing more of a mix of sleet and freezing rain. The more sleet, the better. That stuff just bounces around. Freezing rain collects on everything.

Temps this afternoon are doing what we expected, running way below what the models are forecasting. Another thing to keep in mind is that we have now been below freezing for much of the past few days. That has allowed the ground and road temperatures to come way down.

A Winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of the state, although I don’t think nearly enough counties are included in this. A flood watch has been issued across far southeastern Kentucky. Here’s a look:


I suspect that the National Weather Service will expand that advisory to include several more counties. This might even become a borderline winter storm warning if the freezing-rain threat is realized.

I will have updates as needed. Take care.

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