A one day break from the cold

Good Monday and welcome to a brief break from the cold temperatures. Thermometers will spike into the 50s today ahead of a strong cold front. That front will usher in another very cold air mass that will stick around for much of the rest of the week.

Skies will be partly sunny today with readings between 50 and 55 degrees. Winds will increase as clouds slowly work in from the west. Showers will arrive overnight as our cold front surges in.  Much colder air will be working in behind the front and that cold will catch the back edge of the rain, switching it over to snow.

You can see that well on the GFS:

A period of light snow and snow showers will be likely through early Tuesday afternoon. I can see this putting down a small accumulation for some areas. Thermometers will be some 20 degrees colder than today with low and mid 30s. Gusty winds will add to the chill.

Wednesday will be a very cold one with temps struggling to get past the freezing mark. Our next system rolls in later Thursday into Friday and may bring a messy mix to the bluegrass state.

To illustrate how this colder than normal pattern is likely to persist a while, check out the GFS Ensemble Temp Anomaly Forecast…


That gets smoothed out the farther out in time you go, but the colder than normal trend is clear. This will also be a very active period with several storms working across the country.

Have a great start to the week and take care.

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