February to end with cold and snow

Good Wednesday to one and all. February is fading, and it looks to go out on a wintry note. Cold and snow showers will dominate our weather over the remaining hours of the month, and that looks to carry over into early March.

Cold air continues to filter into the state Wednesday as northwesterly winds slowly kick in. Rain and snow showers will be fairly widespread, especially later in the day. Temps will start in the mid and upper 30s and will hold there into the afternoon. Readings will begin to slowly fall later in the day into the evening. That’s when snow showers will take over.

Your daily dose of weather trackers:

Current Temperatures

Snow showers and squalls will become more widespread tonight into Thursday. That’s when a light accumulation will be likely for many areas of Central and Eastern Kentucky. This pattern will bring repeat bursts of snow showers and squalls through the weekend.

Periods of accumulation will be possible, with melting in between. The GFS continues to show some decent five-day snow totals:


You will never measure that much snow during this period. That is a cumulative total of everything that falls… and melts.

Another blast of cold and snow is possible toward the middle of next week. March looks like a very cold month!

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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