Our cold start to March Continues

Good Sunday, everyone. We’ve now had 4 days in a row of widespread snow showers and squalls here in the commonwealth and this afternoon’s temps didn’t make it out of the 20s for many. None of it came as a shock to you as the blog has been all over this pattern for a few weeks.

Some leftover flurries or snow showers will hang around early today. A little sunshine will be noted in the afternoon with temps in the upper 20s and low 30s for highs.

Your daily dose of tracking toys:

We still have a ways to go with the cold and snow. A developing storm system will take aim at our region Tuesday and Wednesday. The European Model continues to have a threatening look…


That would be an ugly mix for Tuesday with snow taking over for Tuesday night and Wednesday. That’s a setup that is likely to produce a swath of heavy snow across our part of the world. Exactly where that sets up remains to be seen.

The European Ensembles are also on board…

Euro 2

That’s a system to keep close tabs on in the coming few days. That’s exactly what we will be doing here on the blog and will have updates as needed.

Have a sensational Sunday and take care.

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