Rain turning to snow

Good Tuesday, everyone. A winter storm is working across the Bluegrass State today and will bring rain and snow our way. The switch to snow will occur later this evening, and we are likely to see snow on the ground by tomorrow morning.

Here’s a breakdown:

– Heavy rain will push across the state today as temps spike well into the 40s.

– Low pressure will move just to our east this evening, allowing for cold air to work in. Rain will quickly switch to snow.

– A moderate to heavy band of snow will move in overnight and early Wednesday. Areas below this band will probably pick up on a quick-hitting snowfall of several inches. Here’s a threat map for the heaviest snow:

Special Graphic 2– That doesn’t mean you will see 4 inches of snow. It just shows the areas that have the highest potential to get that much. A general inch or two will be likely for much of our region, but the potential for a heavier band is something I will be watching for.

– Snow will taper off late Wednesday morning and early afternoon.

Let’s get to the tracking toys:

I will have updates as needed today. Have a good one and take care.

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