Tracking the Derby weekend changes

Good Wednesday, everybody. What a weather day we just had. Tuesday was beyond awesome, and today will try to do it a little better. The warm weather is going to hold on for a few more days, and then we watch the big change roll our way for our big weekend.

Highs today will head into the lower 80s with a partly sunny sky. I can’t rule out a stray shower or thunderstorm in the summertime atmosphere.

Current temperatures

The same can be said for Thursday as highs hang around into the low 80s.

The slow-moving storm system we’ve been yapping about over the past week or so continues to take aim at the region over the weekend. This bowling¬† ball of low pressure will slide in from west to east late Friday and Saturday. Here’s how the GFS sees the increase in moisture:


We may get through Oaks Day with much of the rain hanging just to the west. That rain will then roll eastward for Kentucky Derby Day.

The cooler air will be behind that and show up as we end the weekend:


It’s all about timing for our Oaks and Derby forecast, and we will continue to focus on that in the coming days.

Have a good one and take care.

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