More of the same to start the week

Good Monday, everyone. The start of the new week is going to look and feel a lot like the past weekend. Very warm and humid air will lead to scattered showers and thunderstorms.

We are likely to see more storms today than we had over the past few days.¬† Heavy rainfall and a lot of lightning will be the main players with any storm. Keep an eye on the potential for some localized flooding with these storms. We’ve been dodging the bullet with that over the past several days, but that might catch up to someone.

Let’s track:

Tuesday and Wednesday will feature more of the same, with highs nearing 90 and heavy rain producing thunderstorms.

The threat of isolated severe weather is with us over the next few days, but it might ¬†increase by Thursday and Friday. That’s when clusters of high wind producing thunderstorms dive in from the northwest.


That could get a little rough for folks at the Kentucky Weekend as NASCAR rolls into town this week.

The overall pattern by the weekend will feature a big dip in the jet stream across the eastern half of the country:

EuroThat pushes the hot air well to our west and gives us a refreshing bit of air to close out the month of June.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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