A hot and humid week ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. Thermometers are getting ready to take off as we head into the upcoming week. This is likely to be the hottest period of the entire summer as a heat ridge sets up shop across the region for a few days.

You will notice an increase in the heat and humidity today as temps head into the mid and upper 80s. Tropical air will continue to funnel in from the south and southeast and this may be able to fire a scattered shower or thunderstorm.

Whatever is out there will show up on regional radar:

Enjoy today’s normal air because temps are set to surge this week. Here’s the pattern taking shape and what it means for you:


Combine those numbers with the high humidity levels and the feels like temp may be around 100 degrees at times. A daily threat for scattered storms will try to temper the temps.

A much better chance for storms will move our way next weekend:



We could get in on some big time boomers during that time as the heat gets displaced by normal to below normal air for the following week.

Have a great Sunday and take caer.

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