Tracking a big change ahead

Good Wednesday, everyone.  We have a few more days of hot and humid weather before a big change works in. That change will bring storms and much cooler air in time for the weekend.

It’s the same drill with the heat and humidity: Highs in the low 90s, but feeling like the mid- and upper 90s. A little larger moisture supply is pushing in from the east and southeast today. That is likely to fire up some scattered storms in the heart of the afternoon and evening.

Let’s track whatever fires up:

A similar forecast will play out Thursday and Friday.

The threat of showers and storms will ramp up as we head into Saturday and Sunday. That’s when a  big pattern change takes place. Check out how quickly our heat ridge gives way to a deep trough:

GFSThe storms we get from that pattern change could be strong or severe and could put down some heavy rain.  Rain on the weekend isn’t good news, but we do have some good news out of all this. Highs will come way down into the low and mid-80s this weekend and early next week.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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