Storms for the weekend

Good Friday, everyone. Showers and thunderstorms have been fairly scattered over the past few days. While small… they have packed a heck of a punch with lightning and heavy rain. The storms over the weekend will become much more widespread and may pack an even bigger punch.

Let’s start with today and work into the weekend. The stuff our there on this Friday will be very similar to what we’ve had the past few days. Showers and thunderstorms will be slow movers and contain a ton of lightning and heavy rain. A few could have high winds and small hail.

A cold front moves in on Saturday with showers and storms becoming widespread. These storms may become severe by the end of the day as a squall line approaches from the northwest. Here’s the GFS:


That cold front will stall out across the region by Sunday and Monday. This will put our region between a cool air mass to the north and a heat ridge to the west:

Euro 2

This will leave us in the storm zone with clusters of booming rolling in from the northwest. Some of these may be strong or severe.

Let’s get back to the precious present and today’s storm tracking tools:

Have a great day and take care.

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