Muggy air will lead to more storms

Good Tuesday to one and all. The weather across the Bluegrass State continues to take on a typical August look and feel this week. That comes with a daily threat of showers and thunderstorms to go along with higher temps and high humidity levels.

Will this pattern persist into September? I have a few thoughts on that coming up in a bit.

Let’s get started with what’s going on ┬átoday. We have muggy air to deal with as highs hit the 80-85 degree range for many areas. The humidity means any shower or storm that blows up will have the chance to put down heavy rainfall.

Similar weather will be likely for the next few days. I know several other weather sources are talking about “hot” weather. If they consider 80s in August “hot,” then I have no issues. If they’re talking 90s this week, that ain’t happening.

A cold front will sneak close to the region on Friday and will touch off some storms. That might affect the start of the high school football season. Here’s an updated look at what to expect:

High School Football Forecast

We’ll continue to keep an eye on it and update as needed through the week.

As far as September goes, many of the seasonal models point toward another colder than normal month here. The CFS Model has been all over the cooler and wetter than normal summer. This is what is says for temps next month:CFS 1It shows the coolest anomalies right on top of our part of the world. Many of the years I am looking at as having similar weather as what we have now, agree with the CFS. Several even have 30s in here before the month is over. We shall see.

Make it a great Tuesday and take care.



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