Big changes for the week ahead

Good Monday, everyone. Temps are running on the toasty side to start the new week out and we have scattered storms joining the mix. All of that will change by the end of the week as the coolest air since spring moves into central and eastern Kentucky.

Highs today will hit the mid to upper 80s for areas seeing mostly sunny skies. Not everyone will see full sunshine as showers and storms begin to fire up. These will be scattered and more likely during the afternoon and evening hours.

Let’s track whatever is out there:

More of the same can be expected as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday. Any boomer that goes up will have heavy rain and a lot of lightning.

If you have been waiting on a big blast of fall air… this is where things get good. A strong cold front will dive across the state late Thursday into early Friday. This bad boy will head all the way to the Gulf Of Mexico by Saturday:


What does that mean for our temps? Take a look at what the GFS is cooking…

GFSHighs may struggle to get to 70 degrees Friday and Saturday. Lows this weekend will drop into the low and mid 40s for a lot of folks.

This looks to make for one heck of a forecast for the Cats and cards out at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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