Weather pattern gets more active

Good Monday, everyone. We have a weak cold front crossing the Bluegrass State as we start the work week. This front is moisture-starved, but that doesn’t look to be the trend later on. The overall pattern is likely to get a little more active before the week wraps up.

The front moving in early Monday  will have a broken band of showers with it. Rain isn’t likely, but you might want to keep the umbrella with you. Our network of radars will help you track anything that’s out there:

Highs today will run in the 70-75-degree range. Any area that hangs on to clouds or a shower into the afternoon might see readings lower than that.

Partly sunny skies return for Tuesday, with highs in  the low and middle 70s. You will notice a little more cloud cover during the afternoon, and those clouds might rain on us by Wednesday.

That happens as warmer air tries to move our way from the Plains states. The leading edge of that air mass is likely to blow up some showers and storms. The NAM shows this very well:


If the day is as rainy as that model suggests, highs will struggle to get to 70 in some areas.

The threat of showers and storms will continue Thursday and Friday as temps rise a bit. If we take a look toward the jet stream level of the atmosphere, we find a pattern that is coming alive:EuroThat setup can mean some wet times returning as we head into early October. We shall see.

Make it a great Monday and take care.

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