Cold air pours back into Kentucky

Good Tuesday, folks. The first of many cold fronts is working across the bluegrass state today. This will get ball rolling on a winter looking pattern across the eastern part of the country. Let’s get into it.

Today’s front swings through early today and will bring a gusty band of showers. These will be keep temps in the 40s as the drops fall. Here’s network of radars:

This is a quick hitting system that comes and goes early in the day. Some afternoon sun will boost temps toward the 50-55 degree range.

We have two more fast moving systems rolling across the state over the next few days. The first one arrives early Tomorrow with band of cold showers. A wet flake or a touch of sleet will be possible… especially in the north and the east. Highs will struggle in the 40s.

The next system comes in by Thursday morning with even colder air. That means some showers of rain or mixed rain/snow will be possible in a few spots. You can see this well on the GFS precipitation type…


Highs will head back into the low and middle 40s. A little leftover moisture could be in the form of sprinkles or Flurries as we head into the evening…


Again… this is just the threat for a few flakes and not something to do a snow dance for. 🙂

Lows by Friday morning head into the middle 20s and could get close to a couple of records.

Nothing has changed with my thoughts on next week and I will touch more on that after my trip.

Make it a great Tuesday and take care.


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