A tricky Thanksgiving week of weather

Good Sunday to all. The arctic air is certainly living up to the hype we’ve given it for more than a week now. Snow showers and flurries made it into central and eastern Kentucky last night as wind chills dropped toward 10 degrees. Both of those are VERY rare in our region in November.

The arctic cold hangs on today as we turn our attention toward a winter storm developing for the upcoming holiday week. Highs will struggle to get to 32 degrees in most of our region. Gusty winds will make it feel much colder than that. We may also see a few random snow flurries dancing across the sky.

Your winter weather tracking tools…

Current temperatures


The big weather story continues to be the storm potential for Tuesday and Wednesday. The latest European Model is a pretty solid hit around hereā€¦


Snow and a mix will likely develop late Monday night into Tuesday morning. That may then switch over to a period of snow into Tuesday night. The threat for accumulating snow is with us, but a lot will depend on the track. Here’s a very early call on the odds of getting, at least, some snow on the ground:

Special Graphic 2

Will it be just a little or a lot? That’s a question for later today and Monday as the track of the storm comes into better focus. The fact we aren’t even to Thanksgiving and have this type of a storm to track bodes well for cold and snow lovers in the winter ahead.

Speaking of the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s a look at the forecast for a busy period:

Travel 2I will have another update later today. Have a great Sunday and take care.

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