A Frigid Thanksgiving

Good Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving. We have a frigid day in progress across the state as folks head over the river and through the woods. The good news is our sky is improving and that means improving travel conditions.

Snow continues to blanket central and eastern Kentucky, giving us a white Thanksgiving. This is the first time we’ve had snow on the ground on this day since 1989. Only 12 of the past 120 Thanksgivings featured snow on the ground in Lexington. That shows just how rare this is.

Today will start in the low to mid teens and end with highs in the low 30s.

Current temperatures



Black Friday shoppers will really need to bundle up with temps in the upper teens to start and upper 30s to end. Skies will be mainly clear.

The nice weather carries us into Saturday, but a weak cold front will drop into the region by Sunday. That may bring a chilly shower our way and set the stage for the potential for some light rain or snow showers by later Monday and Tuesday. The European Model shows what I’m talking about:

EuroHappy Thanksgiving and take care.

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