Arctic cold continues

Good Tuesday to one and all. We have a bitterly cold day in progress across Kentucky, and it might be accompanied by some light snow for a few areas. The overall pattern is taking on a messy look.

Let’s start with the Tuesday. Morning lows will range from minus-5 degrees to 5 above in much of the area. Gusty winds will give us wind chill numbers close to minus-10. Your temperature trackers:

Today’s lows

Current temperatures

A sneaky band of light snow will work across southeastern Kentucky as the day wears on. It might have enough juice to lay down a light accumulation in some areas, especially along the Virginia state line. Here’s regional radar:

The pattern revs up later this week as we get ready to track a series of storm systems. The first few look messy. Number one arrives as early as Friday:


That brings a wintry mess through the weekend and might have a bigger system waiting for early the following week:


All of this leads us into a February that should feature several big storm systems. Some will bring rain and some will bring snow. Fun times ahead.

Make it a great day and take care.

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