Warmer air slowly moving back in

Good Wednesday, everyone. Our day began with lows in the 30s and a kiss of frost in many areas. This shot of chilly air will won’t last long, as warmer air is quickly pushing back in. This will eventually lead to a stormy setup late this weekend and early next week.

Sunshine will rule Wednesday, with highs of 60 to 65 degrees for much of the region.

Current temperatures

Thursday will find highs well into the 70s on a gusty southwesterly wind. Clouds will increase by the end of the day as a cold front enters the picture from the west. That front will bring a band of showers and storms our way Thursday night and Friday morning.

EuroThat scoots to our east pretty quickly Friday, leaving us with sunny afternoon skies and highs again in the 70s.

Saturday’s weather looks pretty good, with highs in the upper 60s with a dry sky. That all changes by Sunday, with a front stalling out across the region and rounds of showers and thunderstorms cranking up. This action might continue all the way into the middle of next week and the models are spitting out some heavy rain totals:

CanadianThe pattern might turn rather chilly and ugly as we head toward the second half of next week into Kentucky Derby weekend.

Have a great day and take care.

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