A steamy week ahead

Good Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the pops. This big day will feature an increase in heat and humidity and that’s a sign of things to come. Steamy air is settling in for the week ahead as thermometers make a run at 90. Will thunderstorms crash the heat party? Let’s get into it…

Highs today will range from 80-85 degrees across our region. Higher humidity levels will increase the sweat factor for those cookouts. I can’t rule out a popcorn shower or thunderstorm, but most areas remain dry.

Current temperatures

Monday will find the real muggy air moving in as temps climb close to 90 degrees. The setup for each day next week is pretty simple. How high the thermometer gets on a daily basis where you live depends on scattered storms. Any day that features mainly sunny skies will see readings right at 90. Any day that has some clouds or scattered storms will likely check in a few degrees cooler.

The Models show the scattered nature of the storms:


The threat for showers and storms will increase by the end of the week into next weekend. That’s when temps should begin to fall, again.

Have great Sunday and take care.

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