Storms set to increase

Good Sunday, everyone. After a brief break in the muggy and stormy weather… it’s back! Scattered showers and thunderstorms will increase in the coming days and we could be talking about a few strong storms.

You will notice an increase in the humidity levels today as temps return to the mid and upper 80s. The increase in juice will allow for some showers and storms to develop. This action won’t be terribly widespread, but any storm that goes up could be on the strong side.

Your Sunday trackers:

Storms will continue to increase as we roll into early next week. The showers and storms on Monday have the potential to be a little stronger than what we see out there today.

Check out the simulated radar from the NAM:


Rounds of showers and storms will work across the region each and every day for the upcoming week. That doesn’t mean it will rain where you live each day, but the chance is certainly there.

Many areas should see a nice drink of water before the week is finished.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care.

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