A taste of winter ahead

Good Thursday, everyone. Thursday is the calm before the big changes blowing in for Halloween. These changes will include an honest to goodness blast of winter weather in the Bluegrass State. Looks as if the old man is getting a very early start this year!

Today’s weather looks very nice. Ok, that’s out of the way. Let’s move along to the good stuff.

The forecast for Halloween looks downright nasty, with rain, thunder, snow, gusty winds and crashing temperatures on the way. We may even throw in the kitchen sink before it’s all over.

The culprit is the October version of an arctic front that slams in early Friday afternoon. This will send temperatures dropping like a rock. Check out the numbers from the NAM:


Highs might hit 50 degrees in the early afternoon and then drop into the 30s about sunset. Gusty showers and a rumble of thunder might accompany the front.

As the cold air surges in, we will see some wet snowflakes mixing in with a changeover to mainly light snow later in the evening:


A period of light snow looks likely Friday night and Saturday morning in most of Central and Eastern Kentucky. Can this drop some light accumulations? That’s a possibility, especially on grassy areas and elevated surfaces. The greatest risk of seeing snow accumulations continues to be in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky:


Keep in mind we have warm ground, so a lot of what falls will be melting.

Temperatures during this time will drop into the upper 20s to around 30 by Saturday morning. Gusty winds will make it feel closer to 20 degrees. Ouch! Highs will make it only into the upper 30s to low 40s on Saturday, with some lingering afternoon snow in the east.

I will have more updates coming later in the day. Have  a great Thursday and take care.

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