A sharp temp drop blowing in

Good Sunday, everyone. Mild and windy weather is back in the bluegrass state today. That won’t last long as we track an arctic front into town on Monday. That bad boy will bring a big drop in temps and the potential for some afternoon and evening frozen precipitation.

In the short term, it’s mild and very windy. Gusts could hit 40mph at times as showers develop as the day wears on. Hers is your daily dose of weather trackers:

Sustained Winds

Current temperatures

The European Model continues to advertise this well…


Use that as a guide to where the model thinks frozen precipitation will fall and not for the actual depth. Monday evening travel can become tricky for a few areas.

The front then lifts back to the north and puts the brakes on. That puts Kentucky in between the really mid air to the south and the chilly and cold stuff to the north. The end result will be rain and the potential for plenty of it. The European Model shows quite a bit over the next 10 days…

Euro 2If you are like looking at computer forecast models, you are noticing how they are now seeing big cold shots down the road. Those are warning shots of a flip back to cold that’s likely coming for the middle and end of December. It looks like that will be accompanied by a very active southern storm track. Hmm.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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